Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Millions of articles are written about the two most important objects, for us, humans, in the Universe, the Sun and the Moon, or as some like to call them, the Luminaries.

The Sun is an object in our Universe that generates its own light, and with it, it is the generator of the heat – it is the object that is giving us the opportunity to live in our planet.

Even if the Moon is basically a huge rock in orbit around the Earth, and the light it gives off during its changing phases every month is a reflection of light from The Sun.

The Moon, as an object in the space, produces no light of its own. Only when it is properly situated in the sky relative to The Sun is it able to reflect sunlight.

So, even in nature itself, these two are connected, and the same situation is in Astrology, or to be more specific in the natal chart. And today we are looking into the life of the person who has Sun located in the Cancer and the Moon in the Aquarius sign – in this article you will see how much this combination is compatible.

You will be surprised, and we must say, that not in any combination, there are specific rules, what kind of person someone will be and what type of character he will have, depends on the circumstances in life, like environment, etc.

Good Traits

Many astrologers point out that this is the combination that gives people who have it an enchanting personality, whose magnetism and charm is difficult to remain indifferent. This character is moving for others, and even this person is moving in life, in reality, he is obsessed with eternal doubts and constant uncertainty.

These two aspects of his personality are not something that will make his life miserable but can cause him to think deeper than other, other people.

Also, this is the person who has a permanent internal split, and at the same time this is the person who is both strong and weak at the same time, but it still manages to deal with its frequent transformations. This is the aspect of his personality that needs to be taken seriously, as his greatest virtue, the ability to transform his life into something better; he is able to learn from his pain and doubt.

In the end, a person who has luminaries in the Cancer and Aquarius combination tries to learn that he is walking on earth, even in conditions of material discomfort, without losing sight of his ideal. How amazing -this is the person who is able to stick to what he truly believes in life, and he can adapt well to any circumstances, not changing his personality deeply.

Even when he fails, and things are not going in his direction, this is the person who still believes that his ideas are worth preserving them. This is not a bad thing, but sometimes this sort of stubbornness is not good, it can cement a person in the place from which he cannot grow anymore, or he loses openness.

Bad Traits

However, the same person who is adaptable to any circumstances, on the other side of the story, is not always aware of the changes that are taking place around him. This is because this human being remains related to the dreams that he had once in his life, and sometimes it is not enough to be devoted to the first aspirations, often things need to change. And as long as its ideal remains very present in his spirit, he has the impression that it moves in eternity, without actually anything changes in his life.

He sometimes has difficulty in changing his behavior, he will even negating the full understanding of the family and friends – and the ultimate price he will pay. And it does not matter if someone can deal well with problems in life, sometimes it is more important, does he leave any time for growth, and sometimes this person does not.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon in Love

In emotional relationships, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer and Aquarius signs are always looking for ideal solutions and ideal situations that can lead to strange and unusual resolutions in love.

For this human being the only thing that he needs in love is to have emotions; he can come with many surprising abilities when in love; when he tries to seduce someone, he comes up with the surprising suggestions and with astonishing ease.

He is a true lover, and the only thing that can stand in the way to his love – he sometimes can blend past and the future completely forgetting to take care of the present lover. This cannot be good, and this is the moment when his lovers do not find him reliable and leave him for good, and in him, his emotions can be broken, but he is just that person, who is never really “present”.

His lovers may be confused in this way, and they can be in confusion is their lover an indifferent snitch or overly emotional.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon in a Relationship

As you were able to see – in this person there is a duality between your two signs that at the same time seek freedom and security – the Sun in the Cancer sign wants to be loved and taken care of, and the Moon in the Aquarius wants to be left alone, feeling free and independent.

This is one person who is maybe a little more unconventional and open to new things, more inclined to experiment, and probably lives an intense life – that’s what makes you different from the typical representative of the Cancer sign (the Moon that is located in the Aquarius makes things interesting and more “out of this moment”.

When in a relationship, this is the person who has a great need for orientation and the environment in which he will express himself, for the people he is identifying to strengthen his personality – and in this case, it is his lover.

But do not be fooled, this is one lover that has a “collection” of potential lovers who are attracted to his open nature, but things became a little bit different when they actually enter in a love relationship with him.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon

This is the person, who can be strange to other people because he often changes his moods, and you can never know what he is thinking and even feeling (but sometimes the Sun in the Cancer opens up, and his emotions are more transparent than usual).

This is the person who enjoys being different, even has a pride with his individualism. He can be rebellious – but always with “cause.” It’s about his “reason”. Around him there is always float a dash of unusual and unique – he likes unusual lovers, and our guess is that it could be a person who belongs to the Zodiac sign of Gemini. This is the combination that could really work well since this is the sign that is connected to the people who are friendly, spontaneous, mobile and eager for frequent new experiences.

Since none of them suffers monotony, they will take everything into the game to enter the elements of the game and experimentation, which will prevent fatigue. If they are fighting or losing interest one after another, they will quickly get to the feet and look for a new solution.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon as a Friend

As a friend, this is the person who is endowed with great sensitivity, but still, he suffers from a conflict between people and does everything to solve problems, calm and eliminate differences. However, his perception of others is not always realistic, and he may have a problem in socialising with the people who are not his friends, but he sees them as such.

He likes to help his friends, and like to use all of his smarts to give them good advice and to boost them with a little confidence. However, he rarely dramatises if he finds that he was expecting too much of others.

When disappointment arises, the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer and Aquarius combination does not call into question the values in which he believes but believes that everything will eventually be settled. This sometimes too pious optimism leads to passivity, but it helps him to persevere in a tireless search for friendship in which he enjoys endlessly.


To sum up this entire story, we must say that this Astrological combination directs to the root of several internal struggles since in this person there is the Sun located in the Cancer and the Moon in the Aquarius sign, so there can be a conflict between Fire and Water, one wants to rule over the other at all times.

There are too many forces that must live side by side: the revolutionary and independent part of the personality that comes from the Moon in Aquarius and the conservative, related to the soul impulses belonging to the Sun that is located in Cancer.

But, we must say that this person can combine these two tides very well and he can make the best out of his life. The problem arises at the moment when the Moon in the

Aquarius find difficult in its own way to control the variability of emotions and that self-reliance, even in terms of the most important nuances, which are characteristic of the world of Cancer.


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