Capricorn Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Moon (the aspect of the Moon or its position) in the personal horoscope, as one of the most important aspects there is, reveal the inner side of a person – it directs communication and transformative energy of an individual, administrating what is initiated and sustained in some way.

It is consciousness and change that takes the experience to a broader and higher level – and if we know well what does the Moon is saying to us and what it brings (the Moons location in horoscope) we can reach this higher level.

Today we are looking into the world of the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Capricorn sign, and you must have been wondering does this mean that this is the person who has stability or is this person whose flaws are enhanced?

Read all about this.

Good Traits

This is the person, who is endowed with a very strong personality, and he is the often one person, who constantly tries to climb to the top, but never does it fast, and it is a good thing. He goes slowly; he has a firm vision and knows where he is going in life.

For this advancement, stubbornness is required, and he is ready to give up current enjoyment, and the greatest goal is to pay full attention to his success.

This is his enjoyment, and he will reach it just by being persistent and stubborn; he does not give up even when everything is against him.

For some representatives of this combination, the obstacles are just the thing that gives him more motivation to succeed in his ideas.

He has a nature that is capable of finding the power necessary in itself to create a life that will suit him perfectly.  This is the life that he desires, and he will use all of his abilities to have it, and even if he is not such a talented person who has the ability to anything that he wants, but he has the ability to make up for all those treats and reach his goals anyway.

This person is pronounced individual (he does not need other people to do something or to realise something), but he is also the one that can be very closely connected to his family,  overcoming life’s dissatisfaction by giving all to a certain ambition, or sublimating them with spiritual renunciation that he has the ability to reach it.

Bad Traits

This is the very dignified person, and he will rarely promise something if he is not able to keep its promise; he is very patient and persistent, but this person can be overly unilateral, almost overly disciplined, and therefore very reserved and cold. But this does not mean that he seems like a cold and reserved person; he truly is unreachable and is not a very social person.

As we have said in the previous sections he does not need other people to achieve something in his life, he needs others for some other reasons, but the main thing is that they are not necessary for him. In fact, sometimes he sees them as an obstacle that he must remove, and if he cannot do it, he will ignore their influence.

The person who has Sun and Moon in Capricorn is possible to establish a spiritual harmony if he is able to subordinate his ambitions only to one goal. But the road to this goal is not easy or fast, and he will suffer and go through so many obstacles that he will have so many scars in his life that will haunt him.

It is clear, however, that such a character, all turned to its own problems and blocked by extraordinary shyness, everything else is just not easy in relations with others. He can behave inappropriately and people could avoid him because of this can truly suffer in his life, comforting himself that it is all worth it because he will reach his ambitions.

He is the one that hates changes and any relationship that is not connected to his family, and even if he believes in fate, but he is also aware that he is the one who controls it, exercises, and who is largely responsible for himself. This may be the start of a change for this human being, and changes are sometimes necessary if we want to grow.

He protects people that he loves and he does this without any aggression at least not the open one, and in emotional life, even when he does not personally like the traditional norms, he respects them very much.

Capricorn Sun Capricorn Moon in Love

As you may expect this is the person who is under the major impact that comes from Capricorn sign, and he is, in some interpersonal and emotional sense very stiff and closed. It is a major task for him to show his tender feelings and in love, because he loves safety, he will opt for traditional style and conservative values.

This aspect is very important to know when we are talking about this person, he is not by default traditionalist, but he often lives such life because he is scared what some other options will bring, and will those options ruin his safety, that he built for a long time.

He is able to overcome various troubles and problems through on his back, and will gladly to that for his better half, his lover. In all of this, when he loved deeply, he will never particularly complain to anyone.

He is focused on success, authority, conscientiousness, and feels the need to testify to the concrete results of his efforts; and the same thing is in his love life, he wants something that is obvious and concrete, nothing abstract interests him.

There is no doubt that the person with such luminary position has amazing organisational skills and the power to deal with the most complicated  – it is important for him to achieve success on the material plane and to prove himself. Love may come after.

Capricorn Sun Capricorn Moon in a Relationship

Just because someone seems reserved and distant, it does not mean that he does not want to be loved – even more, people who seem cold want to be loved more than anyone else.

So, it is all about the approach to this person, and it just takes the time that he relaxes and then he becomes the best lover, the one that is loyal and dedicated to his partner. Here, the situations are like with many other closed people, they need to become open, so they can show what they are really like, and before that time comes, these people act in a different way.

We could say that he has an irresistible, almost childlike need for emotions, but also a constant fear that someone will not abuse it – this is something that is very common for all people who have Sun and Moon located in Capricorn sign.

He needs to overcome this fear and open up to love, at least to the person who is with him for a long time – he should not allow unhappiness in love just for fear.

The main thing that he needs in a relationship is attention and gentleness -but even this he cannot get before he opens up, and why not tells what he wants from his lover.

Best Match for Capricorn Sun Capricorn Moon

So, as you were able to see, despite all things, a person who has Sun and Moon located in Capricorn emotionally belongs to sensible and above all passionate people.

He is extremely physically active, and through emotional harmony, he is inclined to regenerate – when he loves he can succeed in being happy for a long time.

He knows how to show what is his, he likes to know who is in charge, organises, who has his place next to him.

He adores and often merges with strong but emotionally unusual people and friends of strange fateful characters.

When in a good relationship this person feels protected and he is friendly to the community, but he needs a lot of time to bind because he constantly feels that he must not miss anything, because he likes to research, see, he does not want anything left to eager.

The perfect lover for him is born in the Zodiac sign Scorpio – so passionate, caring and even possessive.

These two will always keep everything under control and both in some way control their feelings.

Our candidate shows his vulnerability to the Scorpio lover and will appreciate his physical and mental potential.

Between them, there is an unbridled, magnetic attraction and are aware of themselves and know how much they are worth. They are used by each other, and they do not hide it at all – if they manage to overcome some obstacles they can last a long time.


For this summary, we will say that this astrological combination shows the purest example of persistence and perseverance and this is the person who will succeed in everything that he wants, even if this means that he will suffer. He will endure any pain that comes his way, and he is more than ready; but this does not mean that he is not afraid, cause he is. And the majority of his fears revolve around his emotional, where he hides out of fear that he may get hurt.

This is the person who achieves success slowly, but he stays there for a long time – others do not know him so well since he is closed to others, defensive attitude, aware of the difficulty of his responsibility in achieving success.


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