Dream About Underwear – Meaning and Symbolism

Underwear is a part of clothing which was designed to prevent infections of our genitals.

Before people didn’t have underwear, there are still countries in which people do not wear them because of poor country development.

But underwear is really important for prevention of genital diseases, infections, etc.

Underwear is made by different fabrics, so you can choose which is the best one for you. Some are made of silk, cotton, lace, etc.

There are many different colours of underwear, like red, blue, yellow, grey and there are different brands of underwear nowadays.

Everyone needs some quality underwear and everyone should clean and change their underwear the minute they get dirty.

So we wear underwear every single moment of the day and that may reflect in our dreams.

Dreaming about underwear may be uncomfortable and look strange, but the thing is that it is not that uncommon to dream a dream like this.

Underwear in a dream is a symbol of sexual desire and lust.

At the same time dreams like this are a sign that you are trying to hide something important from other people.

So these dreams may reflect your fears and trust issues.

Perhaps these trust issues are a product of a certain traumatic experience from your past.

Underwear symbolises lust that needs to be put out, perhaps you haven’t had any sexual intercourse for a long time so it affects you negatively.

Or you are sexually active in an unhealthy way so this type of a dream is a warning sign for you to tame your desires for a minute before you get a certain illness.

Underwear also represents a shield, perhaps you are trying to protect yourself from certain effects or people.

You can have different types of dreams about underwear, you need to remember the small details from your dream if you want to find the true meaning behind it.

Sometimes these dreams do not have a meaning, they appear because you are wearing underwear or folding it.

You can dream about dirty underwear, buying or selling underwear, washing underwear, ripping underwear, finding or losing some underwear, etc.

All of these dreams have a different meaning and some may seem similar .

You should not worry if you have this type of a dream, sometimes these dreams are just warning signs for you so that you can improve your lifestyle.

Find the meaning of your dream in dreams below.

The Most Common Dreams About Underwear

Dreaming about being without underwear- If you had a dream like this in which you are not having underwear, then this type of a dream could be a sign of fear.

This fear is caused by your secrets, you are hiding a lot of important information that could damage your life if someone else finds out about it.

This is causing you stress and pressure, because you are always constantly afraid if someone else is going to figure out what is happening.

For example perhaps you are pregnant if you are a woman, but this pregnancy could ruin your life perhaps you are pregnant with another man or you are a teenager,  etc.

Or another example you have done something illegal and you are constantly feeling like you are being watched,  like someone is just waiting for you to slip up and confess everything.

Everyone has secrets, but sometimes they are dangerous and they can damage your mental health.

Constant worry and stress is leading you to your end, you will not be able to function like a normal person if you continue living your life this way.

And this dream is here to tell you somehow that you need to get out of that situation.

Ignore that secret completely or come clean once and for all.

Dreaming of wearing or seeing dirty underwear- If you had a dream like this in which you are either seeing or wearing dirty underwear, then this type of a dream could be a sign from your subconscious that you are not feeling happy in your own skin.

This means that you have low self-esteem and that you are not happy with yourself and your appearance.

There are many reasons that are the cause of you hating yourself, perhaps you are spending too much time on social media watching those models that are not like that in real life.

Or perhaps something happened, maybe someone influenced you in a way that you feel like you are not good enough, maybe your ex or your current partner.

If someone is toxic they will make you feel like you are not worthy and that you are not good enough, but that doesn’t mean it is true.

This dream is here to shake you up a bit, you need to start focusing on accepting yourself the way you are.

If you don’t respect and love yourself then no one will give you the love or respect that you need.

And you can become toxic because of your insecurities , do not let it happen take some action.

Dreaming of panties- If you had a dream like this in which you are dreaming about panties, then this type of a dream is a positive sign for the dreamer.

This dream is a sign that you are comfortable in your skin and that you love yourself and what you do.

It means that you have embraced all of your faults and insecurities and you transformed it into strength.

If you had a dream like this it also means that you are a reliable person who minds hers or his business, you know what you want and you know how to get it without any trouble.

This type of a dream is also an indication on bright future and good news regarding your career and profession.

So keep doing what you are already doing and be prepared for new opportunities and new life, remember that you are capable of doing anything you want and do not be afraid to aim high in life.

Dreaming of pooping in your pants- Well this dream may appear uncomfortable and confusing for the dreamer, sometimes it looks realistic which makes it even more disturbing than it already is.

So if you had a dream like this in which you are pooping in your pants, then this type of a dream is a sign that you are afraid of humiliation.

This fear is completely normal but it is dangerous, when you are afraid of what people will say about your failure then you are not living your own life you are living a life for them not yourself.

And this is completely unnecessary, throughout this dream your subconscious is trying to send you a message that you need to face your fear as soon as possible.

This fear may prevent you from getting your dream job or the love of your life, because if you are constantly afraid of humiliating yourself in public then you won’t be doing any new adventurous activities.

Stop messing around in your life and stop avoiding problems when you have them, start finding solutions instead of making new problems and be fearless, do not give a damn about how someone perceives you.

Dreaming of underwear slipping- If you had a dream like this in which your underwear is slipping, then this type of a dream is connected with your love life.

Perhaps you and your partner are finally moving up to another deeper level of your relationship, perhaps you are consider sleeping together for the first time.

Or perhaps you are considering spicing things up in your bedroom by trying something new.

This type of a dream could also mean that you are going to fulfil your desires and fantasies .

If you do not have a partner then this type of a dream is a sign that you will have a one night stand in your near  future, or perhaps you already had one and now you regret it.

Sometimes this type of a dream is a sign that you are afraid of people figuring out about your fantasies,  or you are afraid that your ex is talking about your skills and fetishes.

Dreaming of buying new underwear- If you had a dream like this in which you are buying new underwear, then this type of a dream is a sign that you are likely to receive  a positive change in your life.

Perhaps you and your partner are bonding better than before or perhaps you are considering entering a new relationship after a long time.

This type of a dream is a sign that something good is about to enter your life.

Dreaming of torn underwear- If you had a dream like this in which your underwear is torn, then this type of a dream is a sign that you are going to go through some financial difficulties.

They won’t be major, and you will be the main cause of it.

You are spending more than you are earning and this right there won’t lead you anywhere.

So be smarter and stop wasting everything just like that.

Dreaming of blood on your pants- If you had a dream like this in which your pants are bloody, then this type of a dream could be a sign that your past mistakes are going to cost you right now.

Perhaps you thought that there will be no consequences but of course there will be consequences.

You did not resolve your issues, you were just avoiding it and it will haunt you until you man up and face it the right way.

If a woman has a dream like this then this could be connected with menstrual cycle, perhaps your menstrual cycle is late and you are afraid that you are pregnant or perhaps your period has already started and it reflects in your dreams.

Dreaming about wearing blue underwear- If you had a dream like this in which you are wearing blue underwear, then this type of a dream is indicating on peace.

You are choosing your life to be peaceful and calm, this is the best decision that you have made and you know it.

Continue living life this way and you will be satisfied.


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