Chiron in Taurus

Through psychobiological analysis, his half man, half animal tells us about the sublime and the instinctive personality. Chiron is abandoned by his parents and has to overcome this rejection. The place you occupy in an astrological study will give us clues about what to heal.

Chiron was educated by Apollo in the expression of Love, of beauty, of healing, of conscience, archetype of the Sun-Tiphereth, he learned to relieve the homeless and the rejected, and thus indicates that the tests are passed and Pain is transmuted thanks to knowledge.

Chiron in Taurus Man

With Chiron in Taurus sign, we are likely to lack the feeling of self-worth, that we are incapable of self-worth and feel insecure and insubstantial.

Since he never feels totally safe and secure, the person with this location may assign great importance to material possessions. The underlying feeling could be an “I have, then I exist”, even if I later discover that even the acquisition of possessions is of no use.

Those who have this location can be deeply possessive and materialistic, and tend to hold on to people and possessions, in the hope that they can provide them with the feeling of insubstantiality that they lack.

Even your own body can be lived as untrustworthy, defective or injured. There may be a real disability, an injury or a physical trauma that must be faced.

The body can also be subject to fear and rigorous control, since powerful and unacceptable sexual and territorial instincts emanate from it. (Marilyn Monroe is an example of Chiron in Taurus).

If you do not learn to recognize and consciously experience these feelings and impulses, you can become possessed by them, or use a large amount of energy trying to repress them.

It is convenient for those who have this location to know that healing often occurs when they learn to trust the instinctive wisdom of the body itself.

As much as possible, it will be good if you learn to listen to it: to eat what the body tells you, and sleep when you need it. Chiron in Taurus or in House 2 often means problems concerning wealth and money. Resource control is an important issue here.

When their influence occurs negatively, these people can obsessively control their instinctive and sexual needs, or be very controlling with others.

If it is positive, they can be excellent administrators of the resources of others. Here we meet again with Chiron’s ability to do for others what he is not able to do for himself.

But this location can also mean material poverty, which then feels like something hurtful and humiliating; this often creates an exaggerated feeling of the importance of material possessions.

Chiron in Taurus Woman

The throat, the weak point of your sign, is the seat of pleasures for gourmands like you, but also the passage through which you take inside and therefore you make everything you swallow.

Having is your life-saving anchor, possessing a sense of security and every time you fear losing what you have, money, love, that fear also cancels your certainties. Predictable reaction, you stick with your nails and teeth without realizing that doing so risk imprisoning those you love, until you put it on the run.

The same goes for money, keeping it in the safe is like not having it, like a magnificent ice cream cake locked in a fridge with a lock.

Still about food, Chiron will give you a tip: don’t swallow quickly, learn to chew and discover a cascade of flavors and aromas.

Double advantage, already full with the dish still half full and the line gains, enjoying life, happiness and love in the same way. you will no longer need to chain it, because it is already yours, part of you and whenever you feel like it you will already have it at hand: the less you tighten the more you get.

Homework: every time you swallow and take the urgency to fill yourself, avoid cookies but fill your mouth with songs. Guaranteed effect, less anxiety and more sympathy.

The place where the most vulnerable are the planetoid Chiron is in another field and the place where these people are Achilles’ heels is exactly the place that gives us a sense of security and solidity.

It is often the property, which they acquire or increase, the means they encounter in life and their relationship to them. Their relationship to money and possessions, and another Bull field and sign basically means – I have!

This place is also important when it comes to separating a person from all this, as well as gaining a sense of the essence of the property, but also understanding the essence of one’s own body, taking into account, among other things, the great affection and inclination of the Taurus sign, first and then the members of this sign, and hence the second field as a whole towards food.

An association of a friend of mine, a director, with a member of the Taurus character, for example, was poppy with poppy. But… People with Chiron in the second field basically lack self-confidence and are incapable of appreciating themselves.

They are haunted by feelings of insecurity and intangible. They never feel quite safe and secure, and therefore attach great importance and importance to material possessions. They are supported by the feeling that they are only when they have and exist, but there is the possibility that over time they may discover that the possessions acquired do not help.

Good Traits

It takes a change of consciousness, which can correspond to coming into contact with one’s own wound, which means to stop being afraid, not to be afraid of the pain we carry inside, because it is only a small part of our totality, and in as such, it does not represent us in our complexity and multidimensionality.

When we feel that pain, that emptiness, we have the necessary means to face it.

First of all our breath. If we do not have a good relationship with our breath, nothing happens in life.

The difficulties in finding love, a satisfying job or a beautiful quality of life, can originate in the fear that blocks the breath from its circular flow outside and inside us.

Bad Traits

Able to do for others what they cannot for themselves. The disadvantage is that they are unable to perceive things symbolically and are inclined to take everything literally.

Sometimes in the confusion of problems or decisions they need to make simply, practical reality stops working. Unable to turn left or right, the situation and dilemmas are paralyzed and cemented.

What to do then? Accumulated energy is a problem, and it is believed or not released through physical labor. And very effectively. Wash the car, for example, or, if you have a garden, go to it, tidy up the house or do something about the house or apartment. There is so much that it is only a matter of deciding on that moment.

These people do not relax easily and constantly show stubbornness and stubbornness. The reason that even those simple things will work either inappropriately or impractically is their obsession with material insecurity and the inability of symbolic thinking already mentioned. They just find that way of thinking is too scary.

Chiron in Taurus – General Info

These individuals are stressed materialists and very possessive. They hold possession and people in the eternal hope that it will provide them with a lacking sense of materiality.

Of course, the body reacts the same. It becomes in itself sensitive to insecurity, incompleteness and vulnerability and again, of course, that the inability to cope with injuries and physical traumas is also somewhat more pronounced.

What do these people do then? They begin to fear and strictly control the body, because it is from it that all powerful and unacceptable – both sexual and territorial instincts – come from.

And in some ways, these individuals have a very strong sexual magnetism and unconsciously identify with wounded instincts and feel personally, collectively, imposed by instincts. Unless, and only if, they are able to establish a healthy relationship with their strong sexuality and instinctive nature.

Personally, I don’t think it always goes well or willing. But if they do not learn to recognize and consciously experience feelings and urges, they become obsessed with them or spend a great deal of strength and energy to suppress them.

And in that case, their body just speaks up, always with unpleasant symptoms such as food and throat problems. Healing such a condition is only possible by learning to trust the instinctive wisdom of the body.

People with Chiron in the other field must learn to listen to their bodies as a matter of course. To eat when the body only tells them to sleep when they feel the need.

They must strictly avoid being programmed according to someone else’s standards, and they must impose on themselves not to ignore their own instincts.

People with Chiron in the other field feel that both their body and the material world are enemies. They spend power trying to protect themselves, to control and control everything.

Instead, they should befriend their body, undergo treatments that suit it, whether it be food, drink or meditation, yoga or dressing.

What is also a wound to these people is that every time they feel they have enough, enough, or more than others, they are not able to cope with this situation. They’re just confused.

When I want to combine these two topics, then I separate them into positive and negative. So the downside to these individuals is that they control their instincts and sexual needs and control others, and the positive is that they control the resources of others extremely well.

These individuals have an extremely good sense of finances, but have difficulty managing their own funds.


People with Chiron in Taurus suffer from being born in a body of flesh with natural needs, in a world made of land, populated with animals and covered with vegetation, which works with money. They do not always know what to do with their instincts or how to feed themselves.

They would like to live in an immaterial world that provides for all their needs without the need to formulate it. They expect to receive from others what they give naturally. They do not always know how to use their money or their talents and are often afraid to miss. They have a poor self-esteem.

Their way is to accept to incarnate, to be anchored in the material world and to connect with nature. They will discover the power of attachment and will be able to transform the desire to have a desire to be. They will learn to be tenacious, to work hard.

They will discover the power of life that is expressed in matter and their own ability to shape the real, to produce and enjoy life. They will marvel at so much wealth and teach others to discover theirs.


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