Cheetah – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

A cheetah is a large spotted cat that lives in Africa and some parts of Asia. This animal is usually known for its amazing speed and it is considered the fastest animal on the planet. You may didn’t know, but the cheetah has the speed even higher than 60 miles per one hour. Also, a cheetah is known for its strength and agility.

A cheetah has been considered as a spirit animal from ancient times. In ancient Egypt the cheetahs were adored because of their great speed and beauty.

These animals have something like the black tears. It is believed that these tears are the symbol of cry and sadness, because most cheetahs die before they reach their adulthood. That’s why the cheetah mother is always crying and expressing her pain through these black tears on her face.

But, she always goes on and she is ready to go forward. The cheetah never gives up, even though the situation may be too difficult. These animals are fighters and they have strong survival instincts.

There are many other symbolic meanings related to cheetahs. If the cheetah as a spirit animal appears at a certain moment in your waking life or maybe in your dream, it may bring you very important messages. You should not ignore the presence of the cheetah in your life. If this powerful animal is your animal totem, then you may feel protected.

Now you will see something more about the cheetah animal totem and we will tell you what are the possible meanings of the cheetah as a spirit animal.

Cheetah Animal Totem

If the Cheetah appears as your animal totem, it is a good sign. It means that you are going in a good direction in your life, so you don’t have to worry. You just need to stay focused on your goals and very soon you will be able to achieve them.

People with the Cheetah as animal totem are always ready to react and to respond to all the opportunities in their lives. Also, if your animal totem is a cheetah, you may be very wise, so you probably choose carefully people to who you can trust.

The cheetah as your animal totem will also teach you a very important lesson. Sometimes it is necessary to use your speed if you don’t want to miss the opportunity that appears in front of you.

Also, if you are in a threatening situation, it will be necessary to run and to be fast. If you are a cheetah person, then you probably become bored easily, so you have a strong desire for new things and higher levels in your life.

You are always ready to move forward and to follow your dreams.

There is a belief that the Cheetah animal totem comes only to those people who extremely need it.

If it happens that the Cheetah visits you, then you have to listen to his voice carefully and you should move from the place where you are standing right now.

You can call upon the Cheetah as your animal totem at the moments when you have a lot of problems in your life and when you don’t know how to solve them.

The cheetah will give you positive energy and it will help you get rid of all your problems and worries. You just need to trust to your spirit animal and its powers.

If the cheetah as your animal totem appears for you, then it is warning you that life is too short, so you need to make a move and to make an important decision.

Now you will see something more about the meanings of the cheetah as a spirit animal.

Meanings of the Cheetah as a Spirit Animal

Speed. We have already said that the most important characteristic of the cheetah is its speed. It is known that a cheetah always uses its speed to catch the prey. A cheetah is not as strong as a lion for example, but he is faster than all other animals. Of course, this speed has a symbolic meaning and it can refer to people.

It means that if the cheetah is your spirit animal, then you must be a decisive person who makes decisions at the moment, without too much thinking. You think very fast and you are acting fast in any situation. There is nothing that can outrun you.

Strength. There is no doubt that a cheetah is a very strong animal, so if it appears for you, it may remind you to check your own power and strength. You should check if you are stronger than other people and where your power lies.

Decisiveness. As we have already said, cheetah people are very fast and they don’t have time to think before they make any decision. If the cheetah appears as a spirit animal for you, then it means that you are a very decisive person and you are always ready to act immediately.

Sometimes it is necessary to decide something quickly.

Persistence. Another characteristic of a cheetah is its persistence, so if the cheetah appears as a spirit animal for you, it means that you are a very persistent person. You don’t give up from your goals easily and you are ready to face any obstacles on your way.

You have a lot of patience and there is nothing that can make you give up from something. If the cheetah is your spirit animal, then you must be a very persistent person and it is very important for you if you want to achieve your goals.

Empathy. One of the most important meanings of the cheetah as a spirit animal is empathy. It means that you know how to react when other people are suffering. You know exactly how to relieve the pain of other people and to understand them.

Camouflage. The camouflage is necessary for the cheetah to survive. Sometimes the cheetah must hide himself from predators. So, if you find the cheetah as your spirit animal, it means that sometimes the camouflage will be necessary in your life, too.

You should have in mind that many people around you wear masks and they don’t show their real faces. It may be the only way to survive and to go forward.

Dreams about Cheetah – Interpretation and Meaning

Seeing a cheetah in a dream. If you have seen a cheetah in your dream, it may indicate your speed and your high energy levels.

However, this dream may also be interpreted different way. It may also mean that someone will deceive you in the near future. You should be careful because you have an enemy in your life.

Cheetah attacking you. If you have dreamed that a cheetah has attacked you, this dream indicates that you are a very weak person, so you always need someone to feel safe. You don’t have your own opinion or at least you don’t have the courage to express it.

This dream also indicates that you are a very good person to many people who don’t deserve it. If you have seen in your dream that a cheetah has attacked you, then you should choose your friends more carefully. This dream is also warning you to improve your self-confidence and to become independent.

Fighting with a cheetah. If you had a dream in which you were fighting with a cheetah, it is a good sign. This dream means that you are going to solve all the problems that are bothering you at the moment. It probably refers to your job and your professional life.

Riding a cheetah. If you have seen in your dream that you were riding a cheetah, it is not a good sign. This dream indicates that something bad will happen in your life soon. There may be many difficulties and problems in front of you, so you should be strong enough to solve them. You will have to be prudent, persistent and decisive as well.

Cheetah growling at you. If you have dreamed that a cheetah was growling at you, it is also a bad sign. This dream indicates a danger that will happen very soon.

These are some of the most frequent meanings of the cheetah dreams, but there are also many others. You have seen in this article that the cheetah is a very powerful spirit animal, so you are a lucky one if this animal comes to your life.

The Cheetah as your animal totem may teach you different lessons in your life. It may help you get to know yourself much better and believe more in your own instincts and powers.

We hope you liked this article and we are sure that it has helped you understand better the spirit meanings of a cheetah. You have seen what this amazing animal symbolize and what does it mean when a cheetah comes to your life.

We hope you will not miss the opportunity if a cheetah visits you at a certain moment in your life.


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