Pisces Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

If you are interested in Astrology in some way, anyway (small or professional), maybe you have heard about the planetary return that many astrological texts speak of? If you have not, we will say that this event happens when a planet returns to the point it was in at the time of the person’s birth.

It makes the whole circle, and this is the event that signifies a new cycle of existence that is about to start -how amazing this sounds?

As far as the positions of the Sun and Moon in the personal horoscope, they create the entire picture about a person; one speaks of a personality and actions, and another about emotions and interpersonal connections.

Today we are talking about the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Pisces and Taurus signs. One speaks of his actions and deeds and motivations that are behind them and others about the emotions and interpersonal relations.

So are these two compatible? Read and find out.

Good Traits

This is the person who is defined by the slowness of his thinking, and his aspiration for passivity and the postponement of decisive action that allows him to calm her chaotic contradictions.

What does this mean in some practical ways? It means that this human being can find the strength to be more patient, and more modest than he would be in some other circumstances.

He has a generous character and is inclined to sacrifice, and even show great unselfishness and all of this allows him to learn a little bit in order to preserve his strength.

It is important for this human being to act in this way and to gradually calm his personality by protecting him from the dismemberment and demanding of his abilities. It would be a great pity if such a person would not be able to use the richness of his sensitivity in a world where everything is classified in one way or the other.

He has inventiveness, and the pronounced talent for innovation and good will to make things great in his, but in some more meaningful way he can be very useful to society because he will help it.

He is the one that has the knowledge to find a way out of bad situations, and it can direct it in the direction where it can grow and can promote progress in common life. The ultimate goal can be a deeper and more meaningful understanding among people, starting from his own environment.

Bad Traits

When we speak about the personality of this human being, we must say that this human being who has Sun and Moon located in Pisces and Taurus signs at times does not have enough strength to give up life’s pleasures and personal enjoyment.

Sometimes these are the aspects that will draw him into excessive behaviors, or these are the motivations for everything that he does in his life, and this cannot be a good thing, especially for someone who wants to make things better in the society that he lives in. He can be the person who is involved with substances or something more severe like excessive eating, for example.

Since it’s difficult for him to get started and change, he should be subjected to re-examinations and revisions.

So, all of his personal projects and actions can be too wide and overall that he cannot experience them in some greater way, so he maybe has to focus first on his most urgent desires, and then on everything else.

He needs to follow his road of stability, rather than looking into all different directions at the same time.

But this process is very hard and can last for a long time, the time that he does not always have.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon in Love

When we are talking about the love department in the life of the person with luminaries located in Pisces and Taurus sign, we must say that he is the one that strives for safety and security at all times.

He is the one that prefers long-term relationships, that is above everything else deep and sincere, no matter how glamorous they are. In fact, he does not care about the look of the things, but their deep meaning and significance – he is not superficial in this sense but has a pronounced aesthetic and his lovers must have a particular “look”.

When this person loves he totally surrenders to his loved one by soul and body, he gives everything he has. And in return, he expects the same loyalty and especially the loyalty when times are not easy, and then he expects complete dedication. This is important because he is the one that will give that to his partner – if he loves he is dedicated and ready to sacrifice.

This is the person who needs to maintain his ideal, the material mark in order to be able to enjoy it in peace his love, so he does not belong to those people who will enjoy their romance while hungry, to say it poetically.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon in a Relationship

There is no doubt, a person with such luminary position is the one that is a lover who likes to enjoy life, and he needs lovers who will sense the world in the same way. He likes comfort and good things in life, and could never set for less, and even if he can, he will not remain happy for a long time in that love relationship.

He is developing better in a solid house and in a long-term relationship, where he has everything he wants, and where he can have peace with his lovers, and one day a family.

Once he is one place, it is difficult to give up separation if circumstances require – this human being is in love with stability, he loves pure nature in his lover the genuine, simple things, he is one of those people who truly enjoy life’s pleasures.

But when he chooses lovers, he can be very selective, but when he deeply loves he is very caring about the people he loves, and with him, they can truly have whatever they want.

Best Match for Pisces Sun Taurus Moon

So, emotionally, an individual who has Sun and Moon positioned in Pisces and Taurus signs falls in love or looks for fine, cultural people, but often encounter real love through his close friends, by chance in a larger environment or by his best friends that oftentimes become his lovers. This is all about the stability, and he wants someone who can make him feel safe and loved.

So, he needs someone who will help him avoid the tendency to go the extremes, possessiveness, or show unnecessary destruction and stubbornness. He is the one that can love a lot, his feelings are sophisticated, but when he is hurt, he can say or do something that does not belong to his character -he will do something that will hurt his lovers.

The one and the only person who can deal with such pressure and take the best out of him is the partner born in the Zodiac sign Cancer.

For such a combination of characters in love, it can be said that it is almost perfect. Taurus, as exceptionally sensitive and gentle, perfectly suits Cancer lover who will give everything he has to maintain harmony and stability in love. Such a pair can, in combination with other harmonious aspects, build an inextricable love affair.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon as a Friend

This is the person who has a silent, unobtrusive nature and his acquaintances and the environment calms his quiet and orderly appearance even more – he hates people who want to intrude his little world.

It is true that the one that has Sun and Moon located in Pisces and Taurus signs needs some time to get his impressions and learns new, and this means that he does not let people easily in his life.

When, however, he accepts someone he rarely forgets it. He can be open to the world, and he shows a desire to participate in the life of his friends actively – of course if they do not intrude his peace.

He is cautious when it comes to his friends since he never makes a quick conclusion, and watches that he does not hurt the people he loves, but this can happen at times.

All in all, he belongs to such type of friend who will gladly help others in need, who knows how to listen to others, and are excellent in teamwork and are especially excellent in social work. Of course, due to the influence of the Moon in the Taurus sign, he is even more sensitive and can be hurt even if he looks at times as a person who cannot be hurt.


In this combination of Earth and Water, the sensitivity that is brought by the Sun’s location in the Pisces sign is combined with the simple sense that comes from the Moons location in the Taurus.

He is able to expand his body into infinity, embrace and love the universe with a thousand hands, and he is able to multiply feelings to sense life in the midst of the entire universe: it could be the main image of this being engrossed in communicating with people in a meaningful way.

However, when he goes into something, he has more strength and endurance than other Pisces people; the Moon in the Taurus gives this person more determination to realise his plans.

This is necessary for this human who in some way has a passive and calm character.


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