1616 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

How can you reach Angels and their Realm and make them notice you; when you acknowledge their presence? How can we be closer to them and let them be a part of our lives?

There are a few simple practices and methods that are available for all us,  for making Angels become an active part of your life, having in mind that they are always present by they do not reveal to us all the time, and also many people neglect their presence and importance. Many people are just busy with their lives so they cannot see the beauty that we get from the Light Beings.

You can simply ask Angels to connect to us – take a deep breath, close your eyes and make sure you will get better; you have to believe deep in your heart. You can even put your hands on a heart or your chest or stomach while you are saying, “Angels, please come in and connect with me now, help me, show me your presence and connect with knowledge, wisdom and truth because it will make the most of me now.

This is one of the most effective and influential ways connecting with the Angel Realm and it is a sure way that can lead you to the Greatness of Virtue that we all should be close to it.

In the world, many people specialise their work in reading these messages, and we are providing you with a fundamental insight. Being close to the source of knowledge and wisdom is the best place a human can be, he becomes beneficial for all Humanity and the Universe.

No matter what things could be, we need to speak about the specific Angel number, in today’s case we are looking into numerical sequence 1616, and its influence on the people who receive such information.

Angel number 1616 General meaning

What is the character of people who are marked by 1616 and why do they receive such message, are they chosen one or they are one of many?

You, who have received this message is clever person with the ability to know and to truly understand things that others cannot, and again you are a dreamer and an enthusiast in many things, like work and life, and someone who occasionally has fantastic ideas to put into practice, you can reach amazing heights in life, but also you can stay average even if you have the potential to change things.

By nature, you are a practical person who has spiritual tendencies in life (thanks to the number 6 that could be found in this numerical combination), which can be overstated by those with whom you are close.

On the other hand, this tendency can save you from emotional cracks more than once. You have specific talents that should be developed and nurtured, and they are your chance to make it big in life. Unfortunately, you are the person who can be underappreciated and misunderstood in life, but all can be changed.

One amazing thing that is associated with you who is marked by 1616 is that you are quite graceful, so you can go through life with your head up high even in moments that are difficult and problematic, even professionally, and use your talent. You are not interested in competitions, and you believe that you are a very fortunate person and that happiness is one of the great factors that follow you in life, and you believe that positive thinking can lead you in the right direction in life.

You also believe that you attract positive people, but as one negative aspect is that you often make a martyr from yourself, and tell them later about it so that others can see in you in some different light – this is never a good idea, you should be modest and humble. Do not do this, because it’s not a good character line. Instead, cultivate more openness and sincerity, be honest with yourself -this is often recommended for you, and you will find similar information in Angel message 1616.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

If we divide the numerical sequence into integral elements, we could see on a dominant factor that appears two times – it is numeral 16. You can forget all that you might know about this number, because now we want to look for the hidden aspect that is important for understanding numerical sequence 1616.

So, number 16, as one dominant part in this formation is connected to the achievement and success that could be seen in material terms; it is the accomplishment that can be seen directly in practice.

But this aspect certainly does not deprive this combination of beings spiritual; because both number 6 and 1 have such vibrations. This is a karmic number (it can bring a specific burden into the life of those who are connected to it), and many people claim that those who are under its government must continue entire their lives striving for independence and initiative, to overcome barriers throughout their lives (and they can have them many since numeral six is sometimes connected to them).

Number six, and we must add this here, is by some imperfect number connected to Devil, as opposed to number 7 that is perfect; but some others say that 6 is Gods number, but when it comes in a row it can point to its opposition.

But when found in the Angel formation this number indicates possible defeats and unforeseen events – and way of foreseeing such events and avoiding them or overcoming them. This is meaningful to know, since energy loss area common and needs to be taken care of.

Even further we need to discuss two other numbers that are relevant for this numerological story – those are numerals 6 and 1, both powerful and influential. Number 1 in numerology (in Angel numerology also, when found in a combination it is meaningful) is the number of leaders, ambition and successful wins in all battles that one can lead in life, while number 6 is assigned to vibrations of romance, sentimentality and sensitivity.

In one other part of this article, we will discuss more numeral 6 and its importance in the world of Angelic numbers, and general in life or numerology.

Number 1616 in Love

Love is always an exciting part to deal with when we are looking it through a prism of Angel numbers, in today’s case numeral 1616. What does this mean? This means that, just as the Divinity (Father, God, or the Creator), which existed from eternity, has life in itself, also the Human (Sin, this is very interesting since numeral 6 is sometimes connected to the Devil or with sin), which He assumed in time, has life in himself. Love in itself is the real and only life that allows all Angels and people to live -you can see how much Love has a special place in the Universe.

The human mind can figure this out if it takes into account / considers the light (we are mentioning light here, first because Angels are light beings, and the second light is often associated with numeral 1 that appears two times in this sequence) is radiating from the sun of the natural world. This light is not a frame to be created, but the forms that receive it are produced; for example, eyes are created to receive light in themselves, and it is just the light that radiates from the Sun what allows them to see.

The same thing is with life and in Love, which, is the light radiating from the sun of the spiritual world; it is not a frame to be created, but it, with its constant radiation, thus illuminates and gives life to man’s understanding.

Now, 1616 connected these elements in one meaningful story to influence our lives – enlightenment, growth and erudition are one, wisdom cannot be created; and the same is true for Faith, Truth, Love – for example, love for neighbor,  mercy for all people who are in pain and suitable for all humanity. The forms that receive them are created, namely, the minds of people and Angels, they are the two integral parts that exist in our world, and being connected to Virtues is Goal that we need to strive since Angels are connected to them and their purpose is to spread them and motivate people to be close to these Virtues.

Amazing Facts about Number 1616

First, we will speak of the negative connotations that numeral 16 brings (it is the dominant aspect in Angel number 1616 that comes in the row of two). It is said that number 16 is in many ways connected to the fortune, and it is the number that can either radiate dangers, injuries, falls, accidents (or it can warn you to avoid them, and you should remember now at the beginning of this article we spoke about people who are marked by this numeral and their ability to see themselves happy).

One surprising thing is associated with numeral 16, and some add with number 61, each combination is similar in this sense since we are talking about the bond between 1 and 6.

So, we are addressing persons who are marked by this numeral, and when found for example at home address, the front door, from the outside, phone number, etc. you should consider yourself a lucky person -it is a happy family number, and together with the existing number 16 will be numbered 19 or 64, which is one of the most joyful numbers in the numerology that brings happiness and success.

As you can see, all Angel numbers are affirmative, but some of them pointed their direction on negative things, in the sense that those events or behavior should be avoided. So you should never be scared when you receive Angel message, and it does not matter what vibration that numeral brings, it has its purpose and meaning, be sure of it.

Will Angel number 1616 Bring Good Luck to You?

Now you might be confused, is this number connected to good or bad information, will it bring happiness or sadness and pain? Don’t worry, Angel message cannot bring you anything harmful or dangerous, but they indeed can warn you about some negative events that are coming your way, and this is something that Angel number 1616 talks about.

To be more specific, this Angel formation indicates the presence of egoism and a lack of feeling for others, an aspect that needs to be changed fast and without any delay. Today, in the day when you accepted Angels in your life, and seen message 1616, you will face your personal dissatisfaction, it will finally show you its real face, and all things that bothered you will come out on the surface.

You should know, Angels are saying in the message 1616 that this revelation will come in handy since it brings the possibility that you should avoid conflict with close people, but choose the words well because some things are later challenging to correct. The fire temperament is enhanced in you, even if you want to hide such behavior, and do not allow your toxic environmental comments to disturb you and encourage discussion. Surrounding yourself with a positive environment that will help you become the best version of yourself, is a part of this numerical message that was sent from Angel Ream.

If you want to change, Angels are saying in this numerical message, you should not blame the situation and the environment, but something you do before, especially when it comes to your personal growth and happiness that you think you have but are not sure. It’s time to learn patience and forgiveness, but you should start this process from yourself, and then spread these feelings on others. You expect conflicts with your mind and do not forget that love is not a fight between all egos. For each dilemma, look for the answer in your heart. Remember, the better days are coming soon – Angel beings are concluding in the message 1616.


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