Dreams About Apple – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about apples are not unusual. Apples have often been used in literature and art to transfer an important message to the reader or viewer.

Their symbolic meaning is very well-known, but in our dreams they can have both positive and negative meaning. This depends on the other symbols in our dream, which are very important for the interpretation.

Dream about red apple

If you had a dream about a red apple, then you are about to make your long-awaited dreams come true.

All the puzzle pieces are about to come together and you will receive the ultimate gift for your hard work and dedication.

Dreams about red apples are extremely positive and bring us joy in almost all areas of life.

No matter what we are planning to do, this dream tells us it going to be successful.

Dream about apples on the ground

When apples were lying on the ground in your dream, this means you might get cheated by someone close to you. Close person could try to manipulate you into doing something or even harm you in some other way.

Be extremely careful and don’t let anyone too close to you. Watch out for subtle signs of jealousy and hate in others, because this might help you find out who this person is going to be.

Dream about ripe apple

If apple in your dream was ripe, then you will be rewarded by new opportunities in life.

They are going to appear out of nowhere but you will be more than happy to receive them.

Opportunities will be related to your business and career, so you have a very good shot at promotion or even a better paid job.

Make sure you use these opportunities smartly and don’t let them get out of your hands.

Dream about cutting an apple

When you were cutting an apple in your dream, this means you will fail at accomplishing something.

Things in your life won’t be going according to plan, so be prepared to clean up the mess that is about to be created.

This dream can refer to your business life or your personal life, so don’t get too comfortable.

Even though failure is inevitable, there is still a good chance you might be able to repair the damage if you react in time.

Dream about a wormy apple

When you noticed a worm in your apple, while you were dreaming, this dream suggests you might be misguided by someone.

This person is going to get you off the path very important to you, and you won’t be able to get back on track that easy.

Be very careful about new people who are coming into your life, because their intentions might not be genuine.

They could be only stalking you so that they can get valuable information out of you. Follow your intuition and the path you have been on for all of this time.

Dream about eating an apple

If you were eating an apple in your dream, this means you are about to experience major success.

This success is something that will be the result of hard work and dedication. Nothing in life comes easy, so when you put enough energy into something it has to pay off.

Enjoy the success that is about to enter your life and make the best out of it. You definitely deserved it!

Dream about a rotten apple

Rotten apples in dreams represent failures. Something you have been working on is failing and you can’t seem to accept it.

Project you have been working on or relationship that is very important to you is failing, and there is nothing you can do about it.

When things like this are happening, it is best to stay calm and accept the consequences.

Once you evaluate the damage you will be able to start working on something new and exciting.

Dream about eating a rotten apple

Dreams about eating rotten apples represent illness or poor health.

Perhaps you have a condition and you are constantly neglecting it. You dislike going to the doctor’s office and you rather complain about pain or discomfort.

This dream warns you about possible dangers of such behavior, so make sure you act before it is too late.

Dreams about eating rotten apples could also suggest that you will succumb to a dangerous illness soon, so make sure you visit your doctor regularly and check in when you notice something is wrong.

Dream about sharing an apple with friends

If you shared an apple with your friends in a dream, then you might be on your way to tremendous progress.

So far, everything you planned is going well and you can only expect more good things in your life. Projects you worked hard on are going to pay off in the best possible way.

There is also a very special event coming close, so make sure you are prepared for good times and positive energy. This event will host your good friends and family, and the reason behind the gathering might be some big news.

A wedding ceremony or birth of a new family member, could be some of the possible reasons for it.

Dream about several apples

The more apples you dreamed about the more luck you will have when it comes to finances. This dream gives you a positive signal to start investing and planning money-related projects.

Everything you start at this moment in your life is going to bring you big profit, so don’t waste time overthinking anything.


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